Volunteers needed

The Helen Plum Library is looking for volunteers to facilitate ESL conversation groups. Groups will meet once a week every Thursday from 1:30-3:30 beginning in April. If you are interested in Volunteering please contact Kanha Touch at 630-6270316 x228 or ktouch@helenplum.org

ESL/ELL Resource of the Month:

Universal Classes
Take online classes and learn at your own pace. Just register with your Helen Plum Library card and begin improving your English skills.
Topics covered include:



Our ELL collection is geared towards both native and non-native adult English language learners and their tutors. There are a variety of resources available including traditional books, electronic resources, and an ELL computer preloaded with many language learning resources.
Interested in what the library has to offer? Check out our catalog below.

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Our ELL computer
The ELL computer comes with a microphone and a split cable for headphones so that two people can listen at the same time. This is especially good for tutoring. Anyone may use the computer. You do not need a Helen Plum Library card, but you will need to have identification. Nervous about using a new resource? Don’t be. You can use our Reserve-a-Librarian service for one hour to learn how to use the programs. Come to the Adult Services department or call us at 630-627-0316 x. 503. Programs currently on the ELL computer include:

  • Oxford Picture Dictionary
    This electronic dictionary contains both pictures and audio of entries. Students can record themselves and compare their audio with that of the dictionary’s, play games and utilize flash cards.
  • Pronunciation Power 1 and 2
    This program covers all the sounds in the English language. Students can see an anatomy cross section of the mouth in order to understand tongue, lips, and teeth placement when speaking certain words. Comes complete with practice exercises.
  • Pronunciation Power Idioms
    Provides students with practice exercises on speaking idioms.
  • Tense Buster
    This is a grammar program designed to help students understand verb tenses, includes practice exercises.
  • Issues in English
    This program covers intermediate grammar divided into 8 sections called “Issues.” Each section has 4 levels of difficulty.

Librarians in the Adult Services Department will help you find what you need.


Literacy DuPage, one of the agencies working with people who need help with English as a Second Language Instruction, currently has 200 adults waiting for a tutor. Literacy DuPage conducts a series of six training sessions for prospective tutors at various libraries in the area. To learn more, contact Literacy DuPage at 630-416-6699 or check their website at www.literacydupage.org

Other agencies can be found in our right menu bar under "Area Organizations."

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