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These resources are available to Helen Plum Library Card holders. To use you must register using your library card number. Need help registering? Stop by the Adult Service Desk. Just click on the images to go directly to the site.

Learn English through fun interactive lessons with Mango. You can practice your pronunciation and make corrections by comparing your voice graph to a native speaker's. Fun and colorful lesson plans will be sure to engage and encourage you to keep learning. Learn in your native language! Bonus: It comes with an App for your phone.

Gale is geared towards the ESL instructor/tutor with topics including grammar, vocabulary, and writing. There are also instruction classes aimed at helping teachers understand how to better motivate adult learners and prepare for classes. Each class is 6 weeks long and new sessions start each month. Receive an award of completion with a passing grade.

This is also a great resource for those studying for the GED. Classes such as “Math Refresher,” and “Preparing for the GED” will help increase a student’s preparedness for the test. Browse through to see the full selection of classes.

Improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills with Learning Express. Need help preparing for your citizenship? Use Learning Express' "Become a Citizen" module in the “Adult Learning Center.”
This is also great for GED prep as well. Just go to the “High School Equivalency Center” and take practice tests and tutorials to refresh your skills in math, social studies, and language arts.

This is another valuable resource available for reading, writing, and grammar. Build up your grammar skills with gradual progression; start at level 1 and move upwards as get better. To improve your conversation skills try classes geared towards speaking such as “Improve Your Speaking Skills.”

Universal also has many classes for GED prep including topics on math, government, history, and the sciences. Classes such as “American Government “are great for Citizenship prep. If you’re taking your citizenship test soon try “US Citizenship Test Preparation.”
Are you a tutor or instructor? Consider classes on time management and building self-esteem to help your learners become more confident. Earn CEU for all passing grades.

Use Tutor.com for live one-to-one help in different categories such as reading, writing, and citizenship test questions. It’s great for both citizenship help and GED prep with lots of useful external links.

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Join us at the ESL Conversation Café and practice speaking and listening with others in a friendly environment. Group meets every Thursday 1:30pm-3:30pm and every Friday 6:30p-8:00pm. Everyone is welcome and no registration is required. We're located right in front of the Liliacia Park so when the weather is nice we may picnic outside. Hope to see you there! Interested in different times? Let us know. Contact the ESL Librarian at ktouch@helenplum.org or call 630.627.0316 ext 228.


Our ELL collection is geared towards both native and non-native adult English language learners and their tutors. There are a variety of resources available including traditional books, electronic resources, and an ELL computer preloaded with many language learning resources.
Interested in what the library has to offer? Check out our catalog HERE

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Tel (630) 627-0316
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110 W. Maple Street
Lombard, IL 60148

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 9:00
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Sunday 1:00 - 5:00

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