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50 Nifty United States

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Looking for something to do while it’s dark during the total solar eclipse on August 21? Helen Plum Library is welcoming back cabaret singer Heather Braoudakis to brighten things up! In the past, Heather has performed programs such as “Ala Carte,” “Songs for the Seasons,” and “Rosemary Clooney.” This time, Heather will be performing “50 Nifty United States.” Join us as we take a trip across America through song.  Heather will sing, share educational trivia, and tell some history about America and its states. Songs performed include music by Mitch Miller, Stephen Foster, Johnny Cash, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Louis Armstrong, Glen Campbell, Elvis, Perry Como, Al Jolson, Patti Page, Glenn Miller, and John Denver. To register for “50 Nifty United States,” on August 21 at 1 pm, click here.