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Library Cards

You may apply for a library card online or in person at the Patron Services desk.

A library card is available to anyone who lives within the Helen Plum Library District. Please review the library's Lending Guidelines.

If signing up ONLINE:

  • Complete the online form.
  • Be sure to bring the necessary ID (see below) to the front desk to pick up your new card.
  • Enjoy your new Plum library card!

If needed, the Patron Services staff can verify if your address is within the Helen Plum Library District by calling (630) 627-0316.
Lost cards may be replaced for a nominal fee. Any change of address or lost card should be promptly reported.

If signing up IN PERSON:

You will need to bring one form of current identification from the list below.

  • Driver's License
  • State ID
  • Tax bill
  • Utility bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Pre-printed check
  • Mortgage or Lease
  • Piece of first-class mail addressed to you with a current postmark

We require a parent or guardian's signature for all children under the age of 18. These cards expire every three years.

Listed below are the various types of library accounts:  

NON-RESIDENT CARD for families who live outside the Helen Plum Library District (unincorporated Lombard). A fee is determined for a non-resident card by using the same method which resident taxpayers' annual taxes are determined. The library's current tax rate will be applied to the Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV) appearing on a registrant's tax bill. If you are renting outside the Helen Plum Library District (unincorporated Lombard), the fee is determined according to Illinois statute. Qualifying renters may purchase a library card by paying an annual fee equal to 15% of their monthly rent as indicated on their lease. Keep in mind, once the fee is paid, all family members residing at that residence can receive a library card. Please be sure to bring your most recent property tax bill or lease if you are renting. These cards expire every year.

PROPERTY OWNER within the boundaries of the Helen Plum Library District, may obtain a library card at no cost. Please be sure to bring your most current property tax bill. Only one card is issued. These cards expire every three years.

BUSINESS CARD can be obtained by owning a business within the Helen Plum Library DistrictThe business owner must present a letter, on company letterhead, stating the desire to have a business library card. The library card will be opened in the business's name with the company's top administrator being responsible for all account activity. Business library cards are good for three years.