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Experience the Eclipse at Helen Plum Library

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Helen Plum Library will give away free CE and ISO certified safe solar eclipse glasses to Helen Plum Library card holders beginning Monday, August 14 at 5pm while supplies last. Glasses will be available at the front Circulation desk for Helen Plum Library card holders and members of their families. Additional pairs will be available at our Helen Plum Eclipse Event held on the north plaza deck on Monday, August 21 from 12:30 until 2pm.  Join us for Sunny Lemonade and Moon Pies, and a great vantage point for viewing the eclipse.

NASA predicts that the peak eclipse will pass over Lombard at 1:19 pm, when the moon is expected to obscure 87% of the sun. During the eclipse, the temperature will drop, stars can appear, and birds can even become confused and start chirping their nighttime songs.

You can trust Helen Plum Library to keep your eyes safe, so that once all the fun is over, you can get back to books. No registration is necessary.

Miss out on grabbing a pair of eclipse-safe glasses? Make a pinhole camera! Instructions here via NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology.

Business Insider also has a few suggestions for enjoying the eclipse without glasses!