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Helen M. Plum Memorial Public Library District

Index of Public Records


  • Approved Minutes of Board of Trustees Meetings
  • Minutes of Closed Sessions opened to the public by Board action
  • Library Bylaws
  • Policies adopted by the Board of Trustees
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Annual Reports submitted to the Illinois State Library
  • Reports of Library Director and Departments to the Board of Trustees
  • Applications for Per Capita Grant


  • Library Budget
  • Annual Tax Levy Extensions and Equalized Assessed Valuation
  • Investment Reports
  • Statement of Revenues vs. Expenditures
  • Listing of Bills Payable
  • Vendor’s List of bills/invoices
  • Annual Audit by outside accounting firm


  • Listing of employees by name, denoting title, salary and date of employment
  • Employee job descriptions
  • Salary schedule
  • Employee time sheets

rev. 4/21/2014