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Holiday Concert with the Lilac Senior Chorus

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Celebrate the holidays with the Lilac Senior Chorus!  On December 18, the Lilac Senior Chorus will be here to perform popular holiday songs. This local 25 member chorus was started in 1972 by a group of seniors.  What started as a fun time eventually evolved into a small chorus.  Sponsored by the Lombard Park District, the chorus gradually increased to between 25-30 members.  Members are from Lombard and other western suburbs.  The goal of the Lilac Senior Chorus is to bring enjoyment to the community.

In honor of the holidays, also check out our “The Grapes of Wreath” (Christmas/Winter titles), “Holiday Cooking,” “Holiday Decorating,” “Christmas in Chicago,” and “Lilac Chorus/Christmas Music” displays in the library.  

To register for “Holiday Concert with the Lilac Senior Chorus,” on December 18 at 1 pm, click here.

Happy Holidays!