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Movie Makers

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Summer movies are often the most anticipated films to hit theatres all year, but this summer the most exciting films are coming from the Helen Plum Library!  

At our Movie Maker program we had a great group of aspiring young filmmakers in the Library to create the next Summer Blockbuster. These groups worked hard to write, design and direct their Stop Motion Films. Stop Motion is a style of animation where objects are manipulated to look like they are moving on their own. This technique can be achieved by positioning objects slowly, taking individual pictures and then playing all the photos in a continuous sequence. These movies were made with LEGOs and other craft materials.

We had a lot of fun creating these films and hope you enjoy watching them. Don't forget to check out our upcoming programs, and there's still time to sign up for Summer Reading!

And now, Helen Plum Studios proudly presents The Big Race, The Diamond Thief, Evil vs. Heroes, and Fails of Riding a Horse: