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Pizza Taste Test Results

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What kind of person doesn't like pizza? A weirdough! Teens took their task of pizza taste testing very seriously at our Pizza Taste Test event over the weekend!

Here's how it went: Teens entered the room where they took plates of cheese pizza. Each pizza slice was assigned a number and the teens filled out a rating scale for each sample. The rating scale included: dough consistency, sauce consistency, cheese texture, smell, dough taste, sauce taste, cheese taste, and appearance. The pizza contenders were: Aurelio's, Rosati's, Jet's, Zak's, Old Town and Domino's.

The teens did not know what pizzerias participated until after the tasting and ratings were completed ... but many participants thought they knew their favorites!


The votes were counted and the  overall winners were as follows: 

1st: Zak's
2nd: Old Town 
3rd: Jet's

Category winners were as follows: 

Dough Consistency: Zak's
Sauce Consistency: Old Town, Zak's (tie)
Cheese Texture: Jet's
Smell: Zak's 
Dough Taste: Old Town
Sauce Taste: Zak's
Cheese Taste: Rosati's
Appearance: Zak's