Current Service Update

We are open: Mon–Fri: 9am–9pm, Sat: 9am–5pm; Sun: 1pm–5pm

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Name Type Last Reviewed Date
P-5 Insurance Personnel
P-6 Retirement Plans Personnel
P-7 Vacation Personnel
P-8 Holidays Personnel
P-9 Personal Time Personnel
P-10 Sick Time, Paid Personnel
P-10.1 Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination Personnel
P-11 Serious Illness or Death in the Family Personnel
P-12 Placeholder Personnel
P-13 Unpaid Leave of Absence Personnel
P-14 Jury Duty, Court Leave, and Voting Personnel
P-15 Telecommuting Personnel
P-15.1 Telecommuting Agreement Personnel
P-16 Staff Development Personnel
P-17 Travel and Training Reimbursement Personnel
P-18 Tuition Reimbursement Personnel
P-19 Service, Anniversaries, and Retirement Recognition Personnel
P-20 Flowers, Acknowledgements, and Memorials Personnel
P-21 Attendance Personnel
P-22 Personnel Records and Updates Personnel
P-23 Staff Acceptable Internet Use Personnel
P-24 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Personnel
P-25 Accidents and Unsafe Working Conditions Personnel
P-26 Anti Bullying Personnel
P-27 Harassment Personnel