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STEAM Team: Light Painting

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STEAM Team is our program series for children in grades 4–8. This month we explored Light Painting. Light Painting is a photography technique that is simple with the right tools and gives striking results.

In our program we used iPads and an app that allowed us to manually control the shutter setting on the camera. The shutter of a camera usually opens and closes quickly, like a blinking eye. When we adjusted the settings and dimmed the lights our artists had enough time to draw a picture or create special effects using flashlights.

Here are some of the photographs that were created:

Click on the group name to see more pictures from each team!


Group 1


Group 2: STEAM Team Light Painting

Group 1

Group 2


At the end both groups came together to create bright masterpieces!


Steam Team: Light Painting Final image 1


Steam Team: Light Painting Final image 2


Steam Team: Light Painting Final image 1


Our next STEAM Team program will be Breakout! Do you have the skills to work as a team to solve all the puzzles and breakout before time runs out? You can register online, over the phone, or at the Youth Services Desk starting March 18th.