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Summer Reading Reviews: Adult Non-Fiction

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We had so many great recommendations from the Adult Summer Reading program this year! Including several of them below for everyone who needs some 'What do I read next?' inspiration!


Summer Reading 2017 Adult Non Fiction Recommendations
Summer Reading 2017 Adult Non Fiction Recommendations
  1. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach
    About the use of human cadavers, including surgical procedures, space exploration, and a decay research facility. This science writing is darkly humorous and accessible.
  2. Al Franken: Giant of the Senate by Al Franken
    If you enjoyed Franklin on Saturday Night Live, you will love this book that is written with humor and sarcasm. He goes into detail as to why he is a Democrat and what inspired him to run and continue to serve the people of Minnesota. What I was most impressed with was his acknowledgement of his staff and friends who continue to inspire him and encourage him to improve the lives of all citizens. He admits his mistakes as well as his accomplishments. He also goes into detail about the work that is needed to be a good representative. Quick read but fascinating stuff.
  3. Theft by Finding by David Sedaris
    “Acerbic” observations of David Sedaris appealed to my slightly cynical sense of humor, as he always has for me. I had to stop reading to occasionally laugh until I was gasping for air!
  4. When God Looked the Other Way by Wesley Adamczyk
    The Soviet Union’s Brutal Treatment of Polish citizens during World War 2 is told in the personal story of Wesley Adamczyk, a Polish boy who lost his childhood innocence during the war, yet survived. He spent 10 years in exile, finally settling in Chicago in 1949. This is a moving, personal story of an amazing odyssey.
  5. Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett
    Heart-wrenching memoir about friendship between Ann Patchett and Lucy Grealy. Ann’s agonizing encounters “saving” her friend and fellow writer are sad but poignant. Kleenex should be conveniently placed.
  6. The Radium Girls by Kate Moore
    I could not put this book down! It puts a human face on the tragic story of the Dial painters and the shocking way the Radium industry put profits before human life.  A GREAT read!
  7. A Disposition to be Rich by Geoffrey C. Ward
    A fascinating story of the greatest swindler of the Gilded Age. He bankrupted Ulysses S. Grant! This compelling, behind-the-scenes story is told by the swindlers great grandson.
  8. How I Shed My Skin by Jim Grimsley
    In August 1966, young Jim entered 6th grade in his newly integrated North Carolina public school. 40 years later he revisits that school and those times, remembering his reactions and his growing awareness of his own racist attitudes. Eye opening and thought-provoking.