Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Ahoy, mateys! Pirates and landlubbers alike be invited to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Tue, Sep 19. Set sail to the Library for swashbucklin' activities 'n giveaways! 

  • Get yer scallywag name
  • Pose for pirate photos
  • Grab some pirate goodies
  • Learn how to speak pirate

Shiver me timbers, did you know you can learn to speak pirate using our language-learning app, Mango Languages? Helen Plum Library cardholders get free access to the app, which has over 70 languages to learn - aye, including pirate!

Haul wind to the Mango Languages website and select the pirate language to begin your voyage. Finer still, download the iOS or Android apps to your device to access 24/7, wherever the wind may take ye.

Here be some terms to get ye started:

Pirate English
Ahoy Hi there
Aye Yes
Nay No
Scallywag Rascal; scoundrel
Haul wind Align a ship to the wind
Landlubber land-lover; non-pirate
Finer still Even better