Borrowing & Fees

Loan Rules 

Information here is for materials checked out from Helen Plum Library. Materials checked out through Interlibrary loan are subject to the loan rules of the lending library.

Loan Periods
Most items check out for 3 weeks. Below are the exceptions:

  • 2 Weeks: New Adult books, Lucky Day books, and DVD series
  • 1 Week: DVDs and Blu-rays, including Lucky Day movies


  • Physical Items: You may check out as many items as you can carry.
  • Digital items: Varies by the service provider.
  • Patrons owing $25.00 or more to the Library may not be allowed to check out materials. Patrons may request a 24-hour hold on items to allow for time to correct the situation. 

Lucky Day
Our Lucky Day collection features popular books and movies. One Lucky Day movie and book may be checked out per card. DVDs and Blu-rays may be checked out for 7 days, and books may be checked out for 2 weeks. These items cannot be renewed.


You may have two renewals on most items. Items eligible for renewal will automatically renew on the due date of the item. Interlibrary loan items will not be automatically renewed; renewals for these items may be requested. Patrons will receive a notification via email, phone, or text if an item is not renewed. To sign up for phone or text notifications visit:

Items that cannot be renewed:

  • Lucky Day DVDs and Books
  • Hotspots
  • Items on hold for other patrons
  • Overdue items

You can renew materials in person, during business hours over the phone at (630) 627-0316, via Text Message, or by using your My Library Account.

Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Materials

Notifications for overdue materials are sent via email. 

Overdue Notification Schedule 

1st Overdue Notice 

3 days overdue 

2nd Overdue Notice 

7 days overdue 

3rd Overdue Notice 

14 days overdue 

Item Billed &
Patron Account Blocked* 

21 days overdue 

*Note: When Library cards are blocked, patrons cannot check out materials, access many online resources, or request ILL materials until the item is paid for or returned. 

Fees for lost or damaged items are determined by the Library. Patrons are required to pay for lost or damaged items; substituted items are not accepted. If a patron pays for a damaged item, the patron may keep the item. Payments made for a lost item are typically non-refundable. Missing or lost items on a patron library card will be renewed once while the patron and library staff search for the item. If the item does not belong to Helen Plum Library, the patron will be responsible for fees as determined by the owning library. 

Pay Online (eCommerce)
You can pay fees online and have them removed immediately from your account. 
Follow these easy steps: 

  • Click "My Library Account" (enter your barcode and PIN)
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of the catalog page
  • Click "$xx.xx in unpaid fines and bills" (located on the left)
  • Click "Pay Online" (Choose what you want to pay)
  • Click "Continue"

The PayPal screen pops up for your credit card information and an email address where your payment confirmation will be sent. (Accepted credit cards include Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). You can also click "Pay with PayPal" to use your PayPal account instead. Once all your credit card information is entered, click on "Pay Now" at the bottom of the screen.