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Helen Plum Library is pleased to further expand our service hours!
We are now open: Mon–Fri: 9am–9pm, Sat: 9am–5pm; Sun: 1pm–5pm

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Gifts & Donations

Making a Donation

Thank you for your generosity.

Your gift makes it possible for Helen Plum Library to enhance its collections and continue to serve as a vital resource for the Lombard community.

Your donation will be used to purchase adult, teen, or children's materials in the subject area of your interest. A bookplate will be added to each new item, and a note acknowledging the gift will also be sent.

Helen Plum Library’s collection has been greatly enriched by many fine donations of materials and contributions. The library is very grateful for these donations and through donors, has been able to acquire many important acquisitions that could not have been purchased otherwise.

Types of Donations

The Library has been the recipient of several extremely large bequests. Consider making us part of your estate plan. Discussing the purpose of the donation with Library Leadership as part of that planning is strongly advised.

Donations to the Library qualify as charitable deductions for the donor under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. It states that deductions are qualified to "any political subdivision" if "the contribution or gift is made for exclusively public purposes."

Also, refer to IRS Publication 526, "Charitable Contributions", which lists, in part, "money or property you give to...local governments, if your contribution is solely for public purposes...".  Under the Illinois Constitution, the Library is a local government and a political subdivision of the State of Illinois.  Further, the Library's expenditures are limited by Illinois law to "public purposes."

Book Sale Image

Used Book Sale

Visit Helen Plum Library’s Used Book Sale all year long. Items for sale are always changing, so be sure to visit the used book section often! The Book Sale is located along the far west wall of the lobby, or left of the entrance as you enter the building.

The Library will set up a memorial fund, from which interest can be drawn to purchase library materials. Once the fund is established, however, the Library cannot guarantee that it will exist in perpetuity. The Library reserves the right to spend this money for other purposes.

If you wish to pledge a financial contribution to the Library, you may download and print our memorial form. Please fill in all relevant information so that we can follow your instructions accurately.

Mail the completed form to:
Claudia Krauspe, Interim Executive Director
Helen Plum Library
110 W. Maple St.
Lombard, IL 60148

Any books or other items donated to the Library become the sole property of the Library, which may use them or discard them to fit the Library’s needs.

The Library accepts donations of the kinds of things that are found in a library collection, such as books, DVDs, CDs, video games, computer software, and the like. The Library does not usually accept items that would not normally be part of the library’s collection, except with permission from the Director. For example, we do not accept historical objects, photographs, antiques, artworks, furniture, computers, printers, scanners, etc.

The Library does not accept donations given conditionally, except with the permission of the Library Director. For example, the Library does not accept gifts with the condition that they are kept, used, processed, or maintained in any certain way.

The Library does not accept multi-volume sets (encyclopedias), magazines, newspapers, or textbooks.

The Library does not accept items that are in poor condition, moldy, or smelly.

In accepting a gift of materials, the Library reserves the right to decide whether items donated should be added to its collection. While some items may be useful in our collection, others may not be if they are:

  • a duplicate of an item of which the library already has a sufficient number;
  • outdated or obsolete;
  • in poor condition, which would not justify the expense of processing, cataloging and preparing it for use; and/or
  • of a specialized nature and not within the collection development plan of the library.

If donated book and other materials are not used, these items will be sent to Discover Books for selling or recycling. The Library receives a percentage of all sales from this organization.

Helen Plum Library Foundation

Established in 2016, the foundation is nonprofit corporation which provides support for the Library through tax-deductible contributions.

Other Helpful Information

Income Tax Statements

The library cannot assess the value of a donation. There is a donation form that can be completed for your records. It is the donor’s responsibility to determine the value of the donation or use an independent appraiser to do it for them.

Use of Donations

Any cash received by the Library, books, or any other objects, become the property of the Library and will be used or not, solely at the Library’s discretion. The Library does not accept gifts with the condition that they are kept, used, processed, or maintained in any certain way.

The library cannot commit itself to perpetually housing a donation. Of course, no donation will be disposed of in a careless manner and every donor can be assured that the library will respect their donation and house it as long as feasible.

Other Conditions

  • No one may use the Library’s dumpsters to dispose of their unwanted materials.
  • Library staff will not pick up donations from another location. Donations must be brought to the Library.
  • Library staff can help transport donations into the library only if there are appropriate staff available to do so.

Recognition of Gifts

  • The Library has a sign, located near the front desk, that recognizes significant donations.
  • A record is kept in a loose-leaf binder that the public can view and browse.

We regret that we cannot guarantee the materials will be kept for perpetuity. Professional librarians may withdraw the items as they become outdated or damaged.