Special hours for Jingle Bell Jubilee

The Library will be open from 12-8pm on Sat, Dec 2 for Jingle Bell Jubilee. View the full schedule of festivities at the Library!

Community Board

Community Board

Community Board Guidelines

Posters, flyers, and signs may be displayed on the Community Board in Helen Plum Library’s lobby (The Hub) for public perusal. 

  • Public Sector and Nonprofit organizations may submit materials for consideration, with topics of local interest given priority. 

  • Submissions may be as large as a tabloid poster (11”x17”) but no larger. 

  • Most postings may remain for up to one month, or as space permits. Per the Library’s discretion, some postings may stay up longer; these postings typically promote services that support the Library’s Vision and Mission

  • The Library reserves the right to decline to display any items. The Library also reserves the right to modify or relocate any such items at any time. 

  • Designated staff will regularly check the board and remove unapproved and/or outdated materials. 

How to Post

Materials can be turned in at the front desk and designated staff will review, stamp, and post approved items.

Contact Us

Questions can be directed to communityboard@helenplum.org