C-3 Auditorium Use

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C-3 Use of Colonel Plum Auditorium
Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, December 12, 2017.

A Helen Plum Library card is required to reserve the Colonel Plum Auditorium.

The Auditorium is available free of charge to Lombard businesses and to Lombard community groups, and organizations that have a Lombard street address or post office box, (all called “organizations”) subject to the rules and regulations included in this document. Permission to use the Auditorium may be granted to Lombard area organizations upon verification of the applicant’s valid, current Plum Library card and a completed application. The applicant must agree to be present at the meeting/event being booked.  Preference for use of the Auditorium will be given to the Library, its committees, and Library related organizations.    

Use of the Auditorium by an organization does not imply Library support of the objectives of the organization.  The Library is not responsible for the content of the programs which take place in the Auditorium.    

It is necessary that the applicant understand and acknowledge on the Application for Use of the Colonel Plum Auditorium all of the following:   

  • The Library is a public building and it is subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  It is the responsibility of applicants to comply with any special accommodation requests made by participants of disabled persons under this  Act.  
  • The public liability insurance coverage of the Library does not cover the negligence of the organization using the Auditorium or any of its members or guests, nor does it protect the organization if suit is brought against it.  The organization will indemnify and hold harmless the Trustees of the Helen M. Plum Memorial Public Library District from any loss or liability by virtue of its use of the Auditorium to the full extent permitted by law.    
  • The Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, materials, or any personal possessions owned by those sponsoring or attending the meeting described above.  The applicant agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Trustees of the Helen M. Plum Memorial Public Library District for any and all accidents which may be sustained on the premises.  The applicant agrees to reimburse the Helen M. Plum Memorial Public Library District for any and all willful and/or accidental damages that occur to the Library building, grounds, furniture, furnishings or equipment resulting from this use of the Colonel Plum Auditorium.    
  • The Library, may require the organization to provide a certificate of insurance, naming the Library as an additional insured and that failure to provide that certificate of insurance will result in the denial of this application to use the Colonel Plum Auditorium 
  • All of the organizations publicity concerning the use of the Colonel Plum Auditorium will include the following phrase: "This event is not sponsored by or endorsed by the Helen Plum Library."  

Library staff must be allowed entrance to the Auditorium during the entire time it is in use by the organization.    


  • Social functions, including, but not limited to, such things as showers, birthday parties, dances, mixers and similar functions.
  • Organizations consisting of children under age 18, unless accompanied by an adult sponsor.

Permission may be denied in the following cases: 

  • If the organization has on any prior occasion made a misrepresentation to the Library regarding the nature or scope of an event or activity previously permitted by the Library
  • If the organization has on any prior occasion damaged any property of the Library
  • If the proposed room use will substantially or unnecessarily disrupt the normal, everyday operations of the Library or its use by Library patrons
  • If there are not available a sufficient number of the Library’s security personnel to safeguard and protect the Library’s property, participants in entrance, attendance and egress from the Auditorium and other library patrons, in light of the Library’s other needs for its security personnel at the time of the meeting
  • If the Library Director considers the proposed room use to be dangerous or potentially harmful to the Library, Library staff, patrons or meeting participants
  • If a requested certificate of insurance naming the Library as additional insured has not been provided by the organization


The Auditorium is available only during the hours that the Library is open to the public, except for use by the DuPage County Election Commission on voting day.

Use of the Auditorium terminates 15 minutes before the Library closing time, and organizations must vacate the room by that time.    

Organization activities must be confined to the Auditorium.


Organizations that wish to make application for a series of meetings need fill out only one application form in advance of the first meeting, listing the meeting dates, times, and equipment requested. Organizations may not reserve a room more than three months in advance.  A maximum of twelve meetings per calendar year per organization may be scheduled.    

The Library Director is authorized to deny permission to use the Auditorium to any organization that is prohibited as stated above, or deemed by the Director to constitute a violation of the Library rules or regulations.    

In case of emergency, the Library reserves the right to assign an alternate meeting date or cancel the reservation.  The Library is not responsible for losses incurred by the organization due to cancellation of the meeting by the Library.  In the event of cancellation by the Library, any food deposit paid will be refunded.    

When an organization finds it necessary to cancel a reservation, the Library is to be notified immediately.    

Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance via the cancellation link found in the recipient’s reservation confirmation email or by calling the Library. 

Failure to provide 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation, or cancelling Auditorium reservation requests three or more times within a six month period, will be grounds for suspension of Auditorium privileges for a period of six months beginning on the day of the cancelled event. Patrons who have not arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time will be considered no-shows and the reservation will be removed. Three or more no-shows within a six month period will be grounds for suspension of Auditorium privileges. Suspension of Auditorium privileges will begin on the date of the canceled event and last for six full months. Patrons who show up late will not have their reservation time extended. 

No person or group may assign its reservation to another person or group. 


Anyone denied permission by the Director to use the Auditorium may appeal such denial at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees, provided, however, a notice of said appeal is delivered to the Director at least five (5) days before the next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting.  At said meeting the appellant must abide by the condition for public comment as found in the Library Bylaws.  The decision of the Board shall be final.    


No admission fee may be charged and no request for donations may be made. Goods or services may be offered for sale by an organization using the Auditorium at the discretion of the Library Director.    


Light refreshments such as finger foods, cookies and coffee are allowed only with advance permission.  A $50 refundable food deposit is required when food will be served. This deposit will be refunded only if the room is left in a clean condition.  

Library furniture or equipment that outside groups may use is listed on the application form. No equipment or supplies belonging to other organizations can be stored in the Library.     Each organization is responsible for lost, broken or damaged equipment and furnishings.   VIII. RESTRICTIONS The following actions are prohibited by organizations using the Auditorium for meetings:    

  • Serving any food or beverages without having previously provided a monetary food deposit to the Library and without having requested it on the Meeting Room Application Form.
  • Using the Library’s name or the Library’s address in any manner, except to denote the location and time of the organization’s meeting within the Library.
  • Expecting Library staff to:
    • handle correspondence or communications of any kind on behalf of the organization using the Library’s facilities
    • provide porter service for any items or equipment required to conduct meetings by any organizations using the Library
    • answer any questions about the organization’s meeting, beyond the meeting’s date, time and location
  • Attaching anything that may cause damage to surfaces of the Library.
  • Inclusion of any item within the public relations material of any organization using the Library’s facilities that implies the Library’s endorsement of any organization’s beliefs, goals or endeavors.
  • Bringing in or using any hazardous or dangerous material during the course of any meeting within the Library or its grounds.

The Library is not responsible for injury or accident to any person or for loss or damage to the organization’s property.  However, each organization will pay promptly for any and all damage or injury or loss of library property which may occur as a result of the use of the premises.    

Failure to comply with any of the above stated rules is grounds for immediate termination of the permission to use the Auditorium, and may result in the denial of any application submitted by the same organization.    

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