C-4 Community Involvement

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Helen M. Plum Memorial Library 

C-4 Community Involvement
Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, August 13, 2019.

The Helen M. Plum Memorial Public Library District (“Library”) recognizes the responsibility it has to the community it serves and seeks to be aware of the needs of the residents of the district by sustaining lasting relationships built on mutual respect and active partnership.

This policy applies to all internal and external efforts by Board and staff to connect with and communicate to the Lombard community on behalf of the Library.


  • The Library will assess the needs and expectations of the community by seeking and considering public input, and by consulting openly and actively with Library District residents through a variety of ways, including surveys, patron suggestions, and other appropriate means.
  • The Library will encourage the Board of Trustees to be active participants in the community on behalf of the Library.
  • The Library will pay for community memberships and for Library related activities for library staff and Trustees to the extent that is specified in the annual working budget.
  • The Library will inform the public of key decisions, services and programs in a timely manner through print publications, local media, presentations and the Library’s online communications.
  • The Library will pursue mutually beneficial interactions with local businesses and non-profit organizations in order to enhance collections, services and programs by developing equitable, lasting relationships.
  • The Library Director will report community involvement activity as part of the monthly report to the Board. The Library Board will evaluate their representative community involvement activity as part of their annual Board self-assessment.
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