March 21 Library Board Update

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At the Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Board meeting, the Helen Plum Library Board of Trustees unanimously approved Resolutions including associated property agreements with the Lombard Park District and Village of Lombard to transfer several Maple Street properties currently owned by the Library.  The agreements provide for the Park District acquisition of four parcels totaling 52,675 square feet and the Village of Lombard acquisition of the parking lot at 25 W Maple Street and are based upon values established through property appraisals.

Under the agreements, upon completion of the demolition of the Library building at 110 W Maple, the Park District will contribute $350,000 toward demolition costs, and the Library will transfer the deed for this parcel to the Park District. The Park District will also acquire the library-owned vacant lots to the west of the existing building for $168,000. The Library Trustees intend to subsequently provide for a levy reduction, abatement, or equivalent alternative to return the budgeted demolition amount of $573,500 to the taxpayers, subject to the actual demolition costs incurred. The Village will acquire the Library owned parking lot at 25 West Maple for $187,500.