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C-1 Exhibits

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C-1 Exhibits, Posters, and Brochures
Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, April 12, 2016.

The use of Library facilities for the distribution of printed materials and/or display of personal collections or art work, by individuals or organizations who are not employed by the Library is extended as a courtesy by the Library and is subject to the review and approval of the Library Director and the Library Board of Trustees. The use of Library facilities does not imply the Library’s support or endorsement of those individuals or organizations.    

Requests to use Library facilities must be made to the Library Director, or designee.  

All such items considered for space within the Library must support the mission of the Library and not cause disruption of the regular flow of Library work and service.  

The Library reserves the right to decline to display any items.  The Library also reserves the right to modify or relocate any such items at any time.    

The duration of any items’ display may be extended or terminated at the discretion of the Library Director.  

No organization or individual shall use the Library’s building, premises, staff or other resources to sell goods or services, except in conjunction with a Library-sponsored program.  

Materials for distribution  

Pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, booklets, free magazines and other materials meant for free distribution to the public, must first be approved by the Library Director or designee.  

Personal collections and displays of art work (“exhibits”)  

No exhibit shall be placed without prior consent from the Library’s Director or designee.

Prior to placing an exhibit within the Library, the exhibitor may be requested to submit a description of the proposed exhibit which clearly defines the exhibit’s content.  The exhibitor’s name, address and phone number, must be included.  

Variations between the exhibitor’s submitted description of proposed exhibit and the actual exhibit may be grounds for removal of the exhibit.  

If the items to be exhibited have intrinsic value, the artist or collector must provide the title, description, and value of each item.   

All exhibits are placed at the Library at the risk of the exhibitor.  The Library assumes no liability for damage or loss relating to any exhibit set up for public viewing in the Library and will take no extraordinary measures to insure its safety.  Insurance against loss or damage is the responsibility of the exhibitor.  

Artists, collectors and exhibitors must sign an Art Display Waiver and Release from Liability form.  

Exhibit hours are limited to the Library’s regular hours.  No artist’s work will be displayed more than one standard booking period per calendar year unless further display is requested by the Library.  

Prices of art work may not be posted.  The artist’s name, address and phone number may be displayed.  Transactions for the purchase of art work is between an artist and the purchaser.  

The Library accepts no fees or commissions in connection with any art exhibit.

Set-up and removal is the responsibility of the exhibitor.  Exhibitors shall provide all hardware and fittings required for display.  

Prospective exhibitors denied use of Library facilities may appeal a decision by the Library Director or designee in writing to the Library Board of Trustees, which will have the final decision on content and arrangement of any exhibit.  

Posters, flyers and signs (“Posters”)  

Posters announcing events or programs sponsored by local organizations may be displayed provided there is room for such posters and the posters are of reasonable size.  Such items become the property of the Library and will only be returned upon request.  

Outdoor signage is strictly limited to promotion of activities of the Library, except as needed by the DuPage County Election Commission.

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