2023 Trustee Election Information

Elections for Library Board of Trustee will take place on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 during the Consolidated Elections. There will be three seats on the ballot for this election cycle. For more information on eligibility and how to obtain a candidate packet, please click here.


Name Type Last Reviewed Date
P-1 Appointments Personnel
P-1.1 Background Check Disclosure Personnel
P-2 Classification of Employees Personnel
P-3 Salaries and Wages Personnel
P-4 Hours of Work & Schedules Personnel
P-5 Insurance Personnel
P-6 Retirement Plans Personnel
P-7 Vacation Personnel
P-8 Holidays Personnel
P-9 Personal Time Personnel
P-10 Sick Time, Paid Personnel
P-10.1 Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination Personnel
P-11 Serious Illness or Death in the Family Personnel
P-12 Placeholder Personnel
P-13 Unpaid Leave of Absence Personnel
P-14 Jury Duty, Court Leave, and Voting Personnel
P-15 Telecommuting Personnel
P-15.1 Telecommuting Agreement Personnel
P-16 Staff Development Personnel
P-17 Travel and Training Reimbursement; Other Reimbursements Personnel
P-18 Tuition Reimbursement Personnel
P-19 Service, Anniversaries, and Retirement Recognition Personnel
P-20 Flowers, Acknowledgements, and Memorials Personnel
P-21 Attendance Personnel
P-22 Personnel Records and Updates Personnel