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The Library and bookdrops at 110 W. Maple Street are closed as we move to 411 S. Main. For updates on our move and Grand Opening, visit our Big Move webpage.


Name Type Last Reviewed Date
P-26 Anti-Bullying Personnel
P-27 Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Personnel
P-28 Placeholder Personnel
P-29 Discipline Personnel
P-29.1 Consecutive Employee Warning Report Personnel
P-30 Grievance Personnel
P-31 Voluntary or Involuntary Termination Personnel
U-1 Use of Materials and Facilities Usage & Access
U-2 Patron Behavior Usage & Access
U-3 Unattended Children Usage & Access
U-4 Confidentiality Usage & Access
U-5 Materials Selection Usage & Access
U-5.1 American Library Association's Bill of Rights Usage & Access
U-5.2 American Library Association's Freedom to Read Statement Usage & Access
U-5.3 American Library Association's Freedom to View Statement Usage & Access
U-6 Reference Services Usage & Access
U-7 Internet Usage & Access
U-8 Drug and Alcohol-Free Library - Patrons Usage & Access
U-10 Social Media Usage & Access
U-11 IT Security Usage & Access
U-12 Security Cameras Usage & Access